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Location of Job: North Palm Beach, FL
When: Jun 3, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Paver Pressure Cleaning, Paver Sealing
Brief Explanation

Pavers are a great way to make a property look great. They give a beautiful design and are highly appealing to use on driveways, walkways and patios.

Paver Benefits

Take a look at what some of our customers have said in reviews about Jones Pressure Cleaning.

Concrete pavers have increased in their popularity. They are more expensive to install when compared to standard stamped concrete, however they do have long-term benefits. One benefit has to do with their ease of repair if the driveway becomes damaged.

Furthermore, pavers are resistant to cracking, shifting or settling under normal traffic. They are durable even in cold weather climates.

Proper Paver Maintenance

Pavers do require regular maintenance. The joints between pavers must be filled with a polymeric sand additive to prevent erosion. The paver bed should be regularly swept and kept free of debris.

Pressure cleaning is key to proper paver maintenance. Following cleaning with an appropriate chemical cleaner, concrete pavers must be sealed. Sealing will enhance the natural look that pavers have. With sealing, mold and other growth are prevented from filling the porous surface of pavers. Thus, the surface appears cleaner for longer.

The swim area needed a little extra attention. Patios surrounding pools will tend to get very slippery when wet. Shark grip is effective for interior and exterior surfaces as a preventative measure against falls.

The driveway, walkways and pool patio results are stunning. Following our pressure cleaning and sealing treatment the homeowner was very happy with our work.

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Wellington, Fl
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Although my wife and I left for the summer before the Company arrived to clean our roof, from the pictures and what we are told by 3rd parties, the job looks great. In talking with Mr. Jones he was most professional and pleasant. We will… ~ Dan O'Rourke - Wellington, FL

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When looking for a pressure cleaning company, you want to have someone who will do great work and stand behind their promises. Jones Pressure Cleaning is just the company to do that.

Located in Wellington, Florida, we are a small, owner-operated company that is dedicated to customer service. With every job we look for ways to go beyond what the homeowner is expecting. You can rest assured that your property will be taken care of with high professionalism.

General Property Maintenance

Aside from pressure cleaning, we are skilled in all aspects of general property maintenance. We are willing to answer your questions and give advice from our decades of experience in property maintenance.

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