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Shingle Roof Pressure Cleaning

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Job Details

Location of Job: Green Acres, FL
When: May 10, 2019
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Roof Pressure Cleaned
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Brief Explanation

Pressure Cleaning Shingle Roof: 101

We don't pressure wash or pressure clean shingle roofs.

Instead, we use a solvent to clean them. That way you don't get a torn up roof!

The Shingle Roof Pressure Cleaning Story

When this customer called us, they wanted to see what we could do to make their house look good to sell. The problem was, they thought, they had a shingle roof rather than a tile roof.

For the reasons I stated above, this is a common concern. You see, there are a lot of pressure washers out there that will be all to happy to take money from you and make a mess of your home and end up costing you thousands more to replace your roof.

Instead, Jones Pressure Cleaning uses a solvent to kill the lichens ands mosses growing on a roof then washes away the detritus with a lower pressure wash so that the granules on your shingles stay, the paper of the shingles remains and the shingle keeps its integrity.

By doing this, we keep our integrity too!

When you need a new-looking roof, call Jones to make sure you get your roof washed in a manner that won't destroy it!

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Client Testimonial
Although my wife and I left for the summer before the Company arrived to clean our roof, from the pictures and what we are told by 3rd parties, the job looks great. In talking with Mr. Jones he was most professional and pleasant. We will… ~ Dan O'Rourke - Wellington, FL

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